Tag: Fruit

Lemon Blackberry Cream Puffs with Dairy-Free Pastry Cream

Sometimes food blogging is hard, guys. I don’t mean hard as in, “Oh no, well I guess *someone* has to eat these cream puffs, wink wink” – although it is that too. I mean hard as in sometimes…

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Spiced Pear Crumb Bars With Dulce de Leche

I feel like pears get a little overlooked this time of year. Everyone is all excited about apples and pumpkin and brussels sprouts (just me?), leaving pears to sit all lonely and forgotten in the corner. Don’t worry,…

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Apple Cinnamon New York Crumb Cake

I love New York style crumb cake. What’s not to love? That fluffy, moist, buttery yellow cake. Those boulders of crunchy, cinnamon laced crumbles scattered over the top. The way it goes oh-so-perfectly with a hot cup of…

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