Types of Cancer Treatment 100% Works and Secrets

Determine the most appropriate treatment for former President Jimmy Carter depending on the type of cancer you have, origins and factors such as age and health, doctors said for consume jelly gamat gold g from extract sea cucumbers.

Carter, 90, said Wednesday that the operation was recently discovered that the liver cancer had spread to other parts of the body. “Adjust my schedule to undergo treatment at Emory Healthcare,” said a statement issued by the Carter Center in Atlanta.

For the first time, began to treat thyroid cancer

Dr. Len Lichtenfeld, deputy chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society (American Cancer Society), said that “there is much we do not know”, even though the main task is to determine where the cancer originated, who shall decide on treatment. Sometimes you can not detect the place of origin, so that the genetic analysis of tumors is needed to view mutation encourage him and what drugs might combat them.
“Given the age of the president, of course carefully discuss the treatment, and the potential consequences, with him and his family,” he added.

Age alone does not preclude successful treatment, said Dr. Lodovico Balducci, a cancer specialist in old age at Moffitt Cancer Center (Moffitt Cancer Center) in Tampa. Much depends on the “biological age” of patients compared to their chronological age.

“A man of 90 years will usually have a life expectancy of two to three years, but Jimmy Carter is probably much younger” in terms of its function, said Balducci. “If tolerated heart surgery, I imagine it has a relatively good tolerance” for other treatments that can be tried. For example, Moffitt developed a scale to calculate the extent to which an elderly patient can tolerate chemotherapy and the risk of adverse side effects.
The first task is to determine whether the cancer can be cured, “which is not possible for cancer metastasis,” or if it is possible to significantly extend life by surgery or other treatments, said Balducci. “Cancer in a person of 90 years is a serious problem, but it does not mean you can not benefit from treatment.”

Types of Cancer Treatment 100% Works and Secrets

According to the study, administration of this drug with chemotherapy slows tumor growth and improves survival of mice.
A drug used to treat leukemia and lymphoma can help improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer, one of the most deadly, according to research on mice presented Wednesday at Barcelona.

This discovery, made by a group of scientists from the Institute of Oncology of the Hospital Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona (northeastern Spain), could begin testing this year in human patients with this tumor, the five-year mortality rate is approximately 95%.

“The tumor cells (pancreatic cancer, editor’s note) you are in a shell made of fiber. This shell protects these cells from chemotherapy, so that chemotherapy is not very effective because it does not reach the target,” he told AFP the leader of the research group, Laura Soucek ,

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During the test, the team provided mice with adenocarcinoma, the most aggressive types of pancreatic cancer, as far as medications used to treat lymphoma and leukemia, Ibrutinib.

“We found a tremendous surprise (…) The Ibrutinib shell attack pancreatic cancer,jelly gamat much thinner and tumor cells suddenly accessible by chemotherapy,” said Soucek.

According to the results of their research, published this month in the journal Cancer Research, administration of this drug with chemotherapy slows tumor growth and improves survival of mice, explained the hospital said in a statement.

Recycling of cells could help treat diseases

The fact that it is a drug that is known and applied today will speed up the procedure to start the test with human patients.

“Usually these drugs to reach the patients go for years. In this case we are working with an unknown drug, which means that clinical trials of patients with pancreatic cancer can begin this year, probably in six months,” the researchers said.

Doctors treat cancer study how Jimmy Carter

The method, which has been used in the United States and several countries in Europe and Latin America, “shrink tumors by 70 percent”

Leukemia drug could help treat cancer

The National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Technology -Anmat- first treatment approved for metastatic differentiated thyroid cancer “improve patient survival and reduce tumors by 70 percent,” said Fabian Pitoia, head thyroid Section and Coordinator Research Area Endocrinology Clinical Hospital.

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This is the inhibitor Sorafenib, which is already used in the United States and several countries in Europe and Latin America. “He has demonstrated an increase in progression-free survival compared with placebo,” said Pitoia. And he said: “The approval of these molecules provide certain benefits; including stabilization of the disease and up to 70 percent reduction in tumor size.”

Inhibitors can help treat liver cancer

Thyroid cancer is the most common endocrine tumors, are diagnosed worldwide each year about 300,000 new cases which resulted in nearly 40,000 deaths. This type of tumor that mainly affects women, have a diagnosis peaks between 40 and 50 years, significantly increased the incidence in Argentina in the last thirty years and today about eight cases has 100,000 residents, explained the expert.

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