10 Tips For Smart Urban Cyclists

Urban cycling does not have to be an extreme sport. 10 Tips For Smart Urban Cyclists As with other vehicles or even as pedestrians are at risk of an accident at any time. However, if the supply are responsible we can reduce the risk considerably. Then we share 10 tips for cycling safer and more pleasant pedaling

1. Check the bike before Exit

The first thing we have to do before shooting is to check the bike in good condition. It is important to check:

Tire pressure
Chain and changes
High chair
Schlick Shark and Shifter Brake Lever
Photo: Gasmith

2. Bring Toolkit Basic and Parts

You never know when he attacked the tires or make adjustments must be less than or bicycle repair. It is highly recommended that you always leave the house with our basic toolkit. It is not good had to interrupt our journey for one small detail that would be easy to fix with the right tools.

3. Cycle through your path

Bicycles are vehicles and as the car has the right to travel on public roads (streets, roads, etc.). This bike circulate in the far right lane.
If moving at a higher speed than other vehicles in the right lane, you can change lanes to pass.
Sometimes impossible to travel lightly loaded right lane to allow cars overshoot. However, we have the right to take the whole lane.
Finally, on roads where there is a parked car, be sure to keep a safe distance to avoid slamming.

4. Respect the stop sign and RESULTS

Very important is that every time we see a sign indicating “stop” or “yield” their respect. For security had to stop and make sure that no other vehicles or pedestrians come before continuing our journey.

5. Respect sidewalks and crossings

Sidewalks and crossings, as the name suggests, is for the use of pedestrians. If for some reason you have to climb a sidewalk or crosswalk is best to get off the bike and walk.

6. Looks

A large number of collisions occur because cyclists are not seen in time or because it is not visible at all. Often drivers will not pay attention to the road. There are several steps that can be used to attract the attention of motorists and facilitating visits.

  • Use brightly colored dress
  • Reflective vests
  • Lamp
  • Circular in the sense of the road
  • Circular in the middle lane
  • Queued in the left turn lane
7. Set yourself before turning, changing lanes or Sit up traffic flow

Before performing this maneuver must see that we have enough space to do so. If possible, it is important to make eye contact with other drivers to make sure that we have seen.

8. Communication Vial

It is important that we express our intent to other users. If we let them know we are going to change lanes, change or stop we can avoid accidents. A good way to achieve this is through hand signals.
Not enough to make a mark and go. Before making the signal we must move with the times, at a safe distance and make sure we have seen.

9. No overtaking on the right side

As with any vehicle, to go beyond what we should do on the left side. Especially when the light is red, it is very easy to want to move forward on the right side. In addition to space for the pass can be very small, we find obstacles like a sewer. Remember that passengers are more likely to both private and public transport vehicles fell from them and do on this side.

10. Reaction aggressively to uninformed Automovilista

There is a great lack of culture of the way so it is not uncommon to find uninformed drivers who ignore the rights of cyclists to travel on the roads. Sometimes you may receive the typical “get on the sidewalk,” or some kind of aggression.

The ideal is not to react abrasively. Greet, give a smile or just ignore it. It is usually confuses them and might make them come back. Keep in mind that if you react or you risk if you can not cause the driver wants revenge against the other riders on the street.

About the Author: Pope Lance