Quick & Easy Hollandaise Sauce

A little over a week ago, I celebrated my birthday. It’s pretty
obvious if you’ve been following this site for some time that I
LOVE chocolate and desserts. What might not be evident is that
aside from desserts, my favorite meal is breakfast.

Kind of funny considering I didn’t eat breakfast throughout
most of my adolescence. Although I still don’t like eating
breakfast right away after I wake up, in recent years that I’ve
really embraced my love of breakfast foods. On weekends I like
to savor the slightly-more-time-consuming breakfast foods that
I just don’t have time for during the week, and one of my
favorites is poached eggs.

Is there anything a runny egg yolk can’t improve? (Don’t answer

So I made my very favorite breakfast the morning of my
birthday: Eggs Florentine with Hollandaise Sauce. It’s just a
fancy name for poached eggs atop a pile of spinach, smothered
in a lusciously rich and creamy butter sauce.

I’ve never made Hollandaise sauce before, but I wasn’t about to
let that stop me. The only catch was that since it was my
birthday, I only felt like putting the minimal amount of effort
into it. I was not in the mood to whisk over double boilers or
temper egg yolks or anything of the sort. I just wanted an
awesome breakfast in my face as soon as possible. A little bit
of Googling pointed me in the right direction. A few minutes
and few whirs of the immersion blender later, I had my
delicious and easy Hollandaise sauce.

It literally takes minutes to make. If you can use a microwave
and have a blender, you can make it too!

PS. I’m sorry for the less-than-stellar singular photo. I
only took a snapshot with my cell phone before I scarfed it all
down because I wasn’t planning to blog this. A couple of you
asked for the recipe though, so here it is! I’ll have to take
better photos next time.

Quick & Easy Hollandaise Sauce

Serves 2-4

Don’t panic if your sauce isn’t as bright yellow as mine. I
use farm eggs which tend to have more vibrant yolks than their
store bought counterparts. This will serve 2 generously or 4
not so generously. I haven’t actually tried it in a regular
blender, but it should work just as well as an immersion
blender. I recommend blending in a tall, narrow glass (such as
a pint glass) if using an immersion blender – just make sure
it’s wide enough to fit the head of the blender down on the


2 large egg yolks
1 teaspoon dijon mustard
dash of cayenne
big pinch of salt
juice of 1/2 lemon
6 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted


Add egg yolks, mustard, cayenne, salt and lemon juice to a
tall, narrow glass (if using an immersion blender) or blender
receptacle. Blend until combined. (This may require some
strategic wiggling with your immersion blender since there
isn’t a lot to blend just yet.) Heat butter in microwave safe
measuring cup with spout for about 1 minute on HIGH, or until
melted. With the blender running, slowly pour in hot melted
butter and continue blending until a thick sauce forms.

Serve immediately over poached eggs or asparagus, or just eat
with a spoon. Don’t forget the bacon!

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